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It’s Going Places

Transport Tuft carpet is a high quality tufted automotive carpet that been made for people on the move. It provides under-foot comfort even when dampened by wet feet in RV's, caravans and even passenger trains. High UV resistance makes Transport Tuft carpet an endurable floor lining for utility vehilces and camper trailers. Based on its successful fire rating test, it is undergoing international certification for commercial passenger carriage application.

Durability & Comfort

Transport Tuft carpet uses the highest grade UV resisters. High water resistance ensures soft underfoot comfort, without the synthetic plastic feel that most other outdoor carpets have, even if damp from wet footwear.

Australian Made

Transport Tuft carpet is Australian owned and made, so you can be sure of the highest product quality and standards.

Available Worldwide

Transport Tuft carpet is available through our global distributor network.
Refer to 'Distributors' tab for a supplier in your area.

Product Specifications


Marine grade 100% SDPP BCF fibres with maximum UV inhibitors added and premium colour stabilization materials used for yarn extrusion.


Marine grade UV stabilized polypropylene woven cloth with specifically developed adhesives for tuft locking cut and loop pile.


Marine grade polypropylene woven cloth with specifically developed adhesives bonding primary and secondary.


Transport Tuft carpet is manufactured in 2mtr and/or 4mtr wide depending on carpet pattern & style (+/-0.5%)


Standard - Approximately 1375gm/sqmtr or 5.50kgs/lmtr at 4mtrs wide (+/-10%)
Super Plush - Approximately 1560gm/sqmtr or 6.25kgs/lmtr at 4mtrs wide (+/-10%)


Marine/Domestic - Heavy Duty
Commercial - Light Duty


Internal Use - Uzin KE 2000 S NEW available thru Uzin.co.nz
External Use - Roberts 6037 available thru AustralianFlooringSupplies.com.au
Refer to 'Technical Specs - Glues' tab for more product information.

The Supa Tuft Range

The Supa Tuft range are robust, hardwearing carpets manufactured for use in domestic & commercial indoor & outdoor areas including, but not limited to:
Marine: tinnies, fishing boats, speed boats, house boats, catamarans, yachts & ferries
Pontoons: marinas, jetties, verandas, in sheds & around poolside areas
Transport: automotive interiors, utility trays, trailers, camper vans, caravans, motor homes, trucks, buses & passenger trains
Aviation: domestic aeroplanes & helicopters
(commercial aviation certification to come)